Thursday, August 1, 2013

The skill of soliciting a new mentor: Please click on John Lovett's website and youtube channel to thank him for access to his PDFs

Here's the lettet that I sent to John Lovett (who posted an EXCELLENT summary of Principles and Elements of Design)

Mr. Lovett,
I'm a math teacher.   I was looking for a description of the principles of design and the search "elements of design" brought me to your page
Nice page!
(a) I'd like to show your page to my class.
(b) I'd like to show them pieces of your page (screen shots from your webpage) printed on paper.
(c) Then I'd like to make a pdf of the page and give it to them on a USB (Many of my students have access to a computer but they don't have internet service in their homes -- and we lack an internet connection in many of our classrooms).

If some of the students want to learn about "what it's like to be an artist" who has made art a real job, would you mind if they wrote to you?   

Do you have a description about what it took for you to create your "splashing paint" book and disk?   
What inspired you to take time to develop a course?
How much time did it take you to learn how to create uyour website?  (or did you design the site and then someone else put it up and manages it?)
I'm teaching students the skills for the global economy (search "seven survival skills") and it will be helpful to hear what you learned on your own to move ahead in your life.   Some students think that success comes out of textbooks and other students think that they won't have to read much after they leave high school.  "That's the last book I'll ever have to read!"

I enclose my Virtual Mentor book and invite you to become a mentor or at least reply to some of the email messages that you receive.


Steve Happy Math Teacher

Steve Math Teacher
Steve McCrea
Editor, Building More-Responsive Schools by Abraham S. Fischler, Ed.D.  
Mobile  +1 954 646 8246

Why not visit the web book?

Mr. Lovett wrote the following reply:

Hi Steve,
Thanks for your email.
I'm happy for you to use information from my website as you described.
Unfortunately I will not be able to answer your students questions at the moment. I am committed to launching two new websites before heading off to Europe to conduct workshops in September.
I have attached a couple of pdf's that might answer some of their questions.

Good luck with your class

Kind Regards,
John Lovett - artist

Here are the PDFs that Mr. Lovett has shared with us.

PDF link

PDF link

PDF link

YOUR net Impact:  You can have "net impact" by doing the following:
Get permission from your parents to set up a "John Smith" facebook page profile
and a Youtube profile
and a Gmail or address without revealing any personal data or posting any photos that link to you.

DO NOT INCLUDE personal data.
A student at a school in California posted home address and a

(1) click LIKE on his Youtube channel's 4 videos (as of August 2013)
(2) click SUBSCRIBE on his YouTube channel
(3) visit his ELEMENT and PRINCIPLES page

(4) leave a comment on at least one of his youtube

You can add to this list by finding his Twitter and Facebook pages...

Why not visit and find some more activities?
My reaction:  Mr. Lovett's casual and "aggressive" style reminds me of the splashes of ink spots found in the "artist associated with Hunter S. Thompson" (the "gonzo" journalist)...  Ralph Steadman


Here is the comment that I left.   With your "official student identity" on Youtube, you can leave a comment, too.

Try this Liink to Mr. Lovett's youtube channel

Here is another one..   Join the hundreds of thousands.... click.

Here's the LINK


Click here to help this video reach 300,000

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