Wednesday, August 7, 2013

SKILL: How to Interview a mentor

One of great skills is "interviewing a mentor."  

a)  many mentors are too busy doing their life work to take time to think about and go "step by step" to explain how they do their work.   
b) if a young person takes time to listen to a mentor in a video recording, then that recording can be heard by other youjng people (increasing the spread of the mentor's message)

Here are some tips.

1.  Focus on the mentor.  In the photo below, half of the video shows the interviewer.  Please think about the audience.   The person asking the questions can be invisible.  the focus is on the mentor.

2.  If the mentor is shy, focus on the mentor's work.    Get the voice.  Point the camera at the work and ask about the work (the painting, book, whatever the mentor does.   

3.  Keep asking questions.  Interrupt the mentor with questions to get details about how the creative process works.

4.  Keep the questions short.   If you want to comment about how important the work of the mentor is, then write about the importance later.  

You are a curator of a museum.   You have decided that this mentor is important.   

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