Sunday, August 4, 2013

SKILL: Carry a "design trap" -- a notebook to capture the designs that catch your attention. What items from yesterday will you display in your "museum of what's important to me"? We are all curators (collectors and editors) -- we select "things, people and ideas that we want to remember"

What words and images will inspire us to look for
something positive to write about today?

What can we put in front of us to move us to
record something for later use?

What words can shift how we look at the world?

What images can push us to tell others about
something?  What is interesting in the images
that attract us?   What can we put into our work
that will make the work attractive?

Do you like simple words or words with layers of meanings?
What communicates better to you?
What words appear to move your friends and family to act?

When we choose words to put on our design notebook, we can influence how we approach the day and how we create a "mindset" for doing this work of "curating."  We are in charge of much of what goes into our minds.  
We can design how loud a noise is by covering our ears or by getting closer to the sound.
We can close our eyes to reduce the impact of an image.
We can look at an image again and take a photo for later review.
We can decide how much we remember about many things.  

Dan Pink recommends that we carry a notebook to "capture designs."  It is a "design trap" that allows us to be curators.   What items do you want to highlight in your day?  

If people could see what you saw yesterday, what would you display most prominently?  What items would you put on the first floor and in the first room of your museum?

The small notebook that I made has a "laminated cover" (I put two-inch-wide tape over the cover, both sides).  

Your book (notebook) can inspire people from other countries and other classes.   

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