Saturday, August 3, 2013

I want my students to make a presentation as adeptly and with as much confidence as this young man. Message to students: How would you change the presentation? Would you use a lower voice, a slower delivery, or more eye contact? What would improve this presentation?

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I hope you will take time to learn about scanning in your future.  However the focus of this post is "How can we improve this presentation?"  

What do you admire in this person?
What annoys you?
What procedure or method does he use to convey information?
How is the information reinforced and explained?

Write to me with your suggestion.

ACTION:  Make a video presentation.
a) explain a feature of a product that you admire
b) move me to change my behavior
c) bring the heart of a poem or song to life.  Tell me why I should click on a video and why I should memorize some lyrics.   "You're on the phone with your girlfirend, she's upset..." or "Is anybody there?  Does anybody care?  Does anybody see what I see?"  click here

I hope you will LIKE this presentation and SUBSCRIBE (there are only 2 subscribes when I visited this video).  You can make a difference because you have "net impact" on the web.  You have the power of one.  The power of one click, one view, one like, one follow, one comment and one subscribe.

Send me the link to your presentation.  I want to click "LIKE"...

What is Scannx?  What is five-second digital scanning?
I'm looking forward to talking with you about how to include 

I like how he is excited about this product

So many choices!

...notice how the red book's cover is protected from being
squashed and pressed down

How many subscribes?  How many likes?  We can increase those numbers.   Get into your YouTube account and leave a comment

The spin of the book won't be hurt (like this)

He has an active style for demonstrating a product

You can select a portion of the scan to use

The scanner develops a QR code on the screen

The document is on the tablet

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